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All were hanged, drawn, and quartered at Wexford, While the legal charge was treason, Political leaders concluded their loyalty to the Pope implied that they must be disloyal to the Queen.
Parliamentary ships began throwing captured Wexford sailors overboard with their hands tied.
At Drogheda an offer to spare the lives of the governor and the 200 men if they surrendered which they did and then they were taken to a windmill and murdered with Franciscan Brother Didacus Cheevers.
The remainder of the men from the first tower, along with the soldiers in the other were deported to Barbados.

Monkstown Castle Ireland - Birthplace of Thomas Chevers
The Shivers family name originates in France as Roger Chievre "Capra" his wife Petronilla, son William Capra, daughter Beatrice Capra, son Hugh de la Pommeraie and son Ralf de la Pommeraie. Devonshire Domesday lists Terra Willelmi Chievre,on the Exchequer side, and Latin Terra Willelmi Caprae on Exeter side. I.e. William has two houses in Exeter. Roger Chievre endowed the Church of St Mary du Val, in the diocese of Evreux, for my soul and the souls of my ancestors. William owned 22000 acres with 46 Manors as reward to a Knight. A Knight known as The Honour of Bradninch. Ralf de la Pommeraie owned 23700 acres with 60 Manors known as The Honour of Bradworthy or Berry Pommeroy. Beatrice was Abbess of St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall.
That was 1066 skip to 1642 when Henry Chevers of Monkstown, Ireland with his family paid the ultimate price during the Cromwell massacres for being Catholic. Henry's son Thomas Chevers lost his lands in the Barony of Bargy, County Wexford, by Cromwellian confiscation. As a Royal son Thomas's brother Walter was banished to Connaught while many family members were put to death or sent as slaves to Barbados. Thomas set sail for the colony of Virginia in the ship RICHARD AND BENJAMIN from London to Lancaster County, Virginia January, 1654/5. Thomas Chevers brought at least four children: Thomas, Peternell, Elizabeth and John with his wife having one or two more once in America. Chevers spelling variations occured giving us Chavers, Chavis, Shevers, Shivers, Shriver and others.
Owner/Researcher   James Shivers

Cromwell, enraged by the sight of heaps of Parliamentarian dead issued the order for no quarter. That night they put to the sword about two thousand men
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